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Conversations on Passion

As you know I am a big fan of living with passion.  In fact, I believe, it is one of the keys to Living Happier.  I believe we need to figure out our values, look at our somedays, make a list of the areas we want to explore.  I believe rather than career counseling we should have passion counseling where we can explore the areas of our live that make our heart sing.  I do not believe there is just one passion in our lives.  We can be passionate about a multitude of areas–the key is discovering them and then embracing them with gusto.  The happiest people I know have a varied group of passions and they engage in them regularly.

This week two of my favorite bloggers wrote something about living with passion that I thought you might enjoy.  So I am including their links here.  Miche who writes on the blog Serenity Hacker wrote an interesting post exploring Is Passion Necessary for a Meaningful Life?  The title alone really intrigued me.  And Michelle at BrazenSoul wrote a wonderful post discussing the idea of Contribution.

I love reading other people’s thoughts on one of my favorite topics and I hope you do too!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Whether you are celebrating the last night of Hanukkah, finishing up your Christmas Shopping or preparing for the Winter Solstice.  Enjoy.

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