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Checking for Weeds

I am so excited that springtime is finally here!!  I MIGHT be a little premature-we might get another snow (I certainly hope not) but the trees are blooming, the grass is growing and people are filling the parks and sidewalks.  My yard is filled with a variety of blooming grasses, flowers and of course those pesky weeds.  I am amazed how fast the weeds grow and each year I forget how determined they are to make a stand in my flower beds. Even though I try to monitor my garden regularly for weeds it feels like they grow at record speeds.
In the same way, I was thinking how easy it is for weeds to make their way into our lives.  These ‘life weeds’ include draining relationships, negative friendships, unhealthy patterns/habits, and old thoughts.  Life weeds are activities or people that no longer serve us and if we are not vigilant and aware, they can creep back into our lives like a dandelion in the middle of a flower garden.
I am constantly amazed how easy it is for these weeds to occur! It is always helpful to have an awareness around how we act/react when our life garden gets choked up with weeds. Maybe our go-to pattern is to start eating too much or drinking too much when we feel overwhelmed by life.  Or maybe we withdraw or go on the attack more when our life is filling up with weeds.  When we have these behavior markers and reminders we can look at our ‘acting out’ as a blessing that maybe it is our bodies way of telling us we need to do some weeding.
It is necessary to keep looking at our lives and see if we need to do some weeding.  Do we need to pluck out some people that sap our energy with their drama or remove an activity that we might have found rewarding at one point but now is just draining?
We need to do some regular weeding to make sure our lives are filled with people, activities, and events that feed us. So when we look at our life garden it is filled with vibrant color and not weeds!  Regular weeding is a part of living happier.