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Celebrating What We See Clearly

A few weeks ago I was watching Lost–yep I admit it I am a Lost fan–I also admit there is much of that TV show I don’t understand even though I watched all 5 seasons just last summer.  But, I digress.

In the episode the characters of Jack and Hurley are walking through the jungle when they see a stone monument and Jack turns to Hurley and says “why haven’t we ever seen this before?”–(keeping in mind they have been trapped on the island for years) and Hurley says “Well, maybe because we weren’t looking before”  Meaning, in my opinion, before they weren’t ‘ready’ to see the monument–it wasn’t the time for it to be revealed. And I thought, “hmm”  How often is do we miss ideas, people, tools, insights because we just aren’t ready to see them and we aren’t really looking for them and then when we are ready, they appear.  It feels like magic but in reality it has been their all along we just weren’t ready to see it.

As we move through the journey of Living Happier and spiraling up we are building awarenesses and having new insights that we didn’t have before.  Things we never thought of now come into focus.  A few years ago I rarely thought about what made me happy, let alone to ask myself about it on a daily basis.  I rarely took a moment to pause and reflect on all the gratitude I had in my day, now I do it daily.    I see it in my clients as they move through their journey they start thinking about ideas and people differently.  They start paying more attention to the people in their life and who they are and what they give to the world rather than always seeing how people can help/hurt them.

From time to time I think it is helpful to look back and see where we have come from, what we have learned and how we have grown.  We all grow and change–whether you are on the Live Happier journey or not I am sure you see life differently now then you did 10 years ago. I am sure you see things now that you never saw before.

I do believe and constantly am amazed that as we move through life, and are open to life lessons they appear when we are ready.  Life presents us with teachers, insights, and lessons when we are ready the trick is embracing them as they come into focus.

What is it you see clearly now that you didn’t 5-10 years ago?  Maybe your potential, the value of being yourself, the beauty of the little joys in life or just the goal of living happier.  Today, take stock of what you can see now that you couldn’t just a few years ago and celebrate.