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Posted May 24, 2020 by

I just can’t get over what a strange time we are living in. I mean, totally strange. It is a holiday weekend for goodness sake and it doesn’t even feel like it, maybe because it has rained non-stop here for days, but mostly because there are no pools opening, no picnics planned, no graduations, no […]

Posted May 3, 2020 by

Earlier this week, a client* reached out to me via Voxer. We have been working on recognizing when her Monger was talking and then bringing in her Biggest Fan. I suggested she try one of my favorite techniques: When you notice your Monger talking, grab a piece of paper and write down everything she says. […]

Posted March 1, 2020 by

A client recently said to me, “I finally figured out that whenever I am complaining about someone else not giving me what I need, I first have to look and see if I am giving it to myself. And if I am not giving it to myself, I need to start there.” She was sharing […]

Posted February 23, 2020 by

One of the themes I regularly hear from my Coach in Your Pocket clients is about making mistakes. We all make them, and we all hear and say wonderful (and yes, sometimes pithy) quotes about the power of mistakes, how mistakes help you learn and grow, and how without risk there would be no mistakes. […]

Posted January 19, 2020 by

Earlier this week, I had a really great day. I had a few work successes and some amazing conversations. All and all it was a good day, but I have to confess, good days are hard for me. Celebrating a win without naming where I can improve is challenging. As I was cooking dinner, I […]

Posted December 5, 2019 by

There are other voices in your head–the BFF and the Biggest Fan–but of the 3 characters that are at the core of The Happier Approach, the Monger is the loudest of them all.

Posted November 3, 2019 by

When was the last time you did something for fun? Not because it would get you closer to your bigger goal, or because it would help someone, or because it made practical sense? When was the last time you did something just because it brought you joy? I have noticed a pattern with myself and […]

Posted October 13, 2019 by

One of the ways we protect ourselves from the judgment of our Monger (inner critic) is to start judging other people. In my book The Happier Approach I talk about three characters: The Monger (inner critic), The BFF (false self-compassion), and our Biggest Fan (the voice of wisdom and kindness). Today I want to talk […]

Posted October 6, 2019 by

Those of us with High Functioning Anxiety have very loud Mongers. That inner critic voice is all-powerful and frequently convinces us we have a lot of power too. According to our Monger, we can: get fired by missing one phone call. make someone hate us by accidentally forgetting their name. lose a friendship of 10 […]

Posted August 15, 2018 by

So often we hear that our Monger is a Mean Girl or a Bitch. On this episode, I share why calling your Monger that doesn’t help. You can’t fight shame with shame.  Press  to Listen Show Notes & Links: 3 Characters Monger, BFF and Biggest Fan Transcript: Hey, everyone. I’m excited to be back, and this […]