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Career Counseling vs. Passion Counseling

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of clients for career counseling. I have a love/hate relationship with career counseling.  On one hand, I am extremely passionate about careers. I started my counseling career doing career counseling and have a very strong passion around it.   I believe finding our passion/purpose and living it is essential to Living Happier.  However, I believe our life is multi-faceted it isn’t chopped up into silos it is a huge conglomerate of passions, interests, people, and values.  Career is merely one facet of our lives.It is my theory based on my years of career counseling that MOST people who have really thought about it know what they their passion/purpose is.  They are just scared.  They might be too scared to say it out loud,  they might be too practical to admit it to themselves, or they might have said it out loud and been told it is a bad idea.  These people get stuck in the syndrome of obsessing what’s next rather then thinking how do I get there?

The reason I dislike carer counseling is I wish rather than just looking at career we could look at life as a whole.  I guess, my problem with career counseling is I think it should be called passion counseling–how to have more passion in your life.  Because like I said, life is one huge multi-faceted gift and we have the choice every day to get up and make it what we want.  We have the choice to play with our kids, work in the yard, smile at a co-worker, or laugh with our partner.  We have the choice to live our passions in big and little ways.

Today think about what are your passions, what makes your heart sing, they can be big or little. The key is adding pieces of your passion into your every day life. If I looked at your life and the activities you engage in, could I see what you are passionate about?  Do you express your passions in the relationships you have and the things you do?