Juice Squeezed


Juice Squeezed: Lessons Learned from a Quest to Live Happier

“I confess I am one who always looks at the fresh tasty juice and thinks, “YES! I want some of that – it is SO much better than the canned kind!” However, I fail to look at the cost (to myself and others) of standing in front of the sink squeezing oranges. So it has been a life lesson for me to ask myself, “What is the juice squeezed ratio here? Is it worth it to take the dream job, if that takes me away from my family and leaves my spouse basically a single parent? Am I looking at the whole situation here?”

In both my presentations and my private practice, I am fascinated by the use of stories. The stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we tell each other. I believe stories play an invaluable role in life. Our stories define who we are, they help us express ourselves, and they give us a common ground to understand each other. Juice Squeezed is a collection of stories that first appeared on my blog at Live-Happier.com. Stories from my own life and others that illustrate the struggle and joy we have in living a life with passion, purpose, balance, and awareness.

These are the stories I found most meaningful in my quest to Live Happier.
My wish is that as you read them they add to your Live Happier Journey as well.


This book made me feel like I am exactly where I’m supposed to be…in the present! The author has an uncanny way of speaking universal truths that we all can relate to, which eases the fear of isolation in one’s thoughts. She doesn’t talk down to the reader and her tone is light and positive. I keep this in my office and read it when I need to de-stress… I highly recommend!

– Carrie Livensparger

I loved this book!! Clear, concise, common sense discussion of how to live a happier life and who doesn’t want to do that!! A must read!!

– Jean Bryan

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