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Our BFF enables us to rebel against the voice of our Monger. When we get tired of our Monger criticizing us, we bring in our BFF for a little self-compassion.

Our BFF is the one who always has our back. She is the type of BFF who is always willing to risk getting into trouble and is always there to defend us.

But she is not about holding our feet to the fire or keeping us accountable.

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It’s the holiday season! And for many of us, the holidays mean time with family, which equals a whole mess of feelings. Joy, pain, loss, comfort, trauma—it runs the gamut of emotions. Dealing with family dynamics is tricky. A big reason is that many of the buttons, traumas, or triggers that family members push were […]

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There are other voices in your head–the BFF and the Biggest Fan–but of the 3 characters that are at the core of The Happier Approach, the Monger is the loudest of them all.

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A friendly reminder that you are okay just as you are. In my world of personal development and growth, I want to pause from time to time and share lovingly that you are perfectly wonderful right now, even if you never changed or grew again. Growth is awesome. Wanting to improve is a fabulous and worthy […]

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In the spirit of the season, I am going to explore 4 holiday landmines that can take your High Functioning Anxiety through the roof and offer some tips to help you ease your anxiety and enjoy yourself.

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I want to start a revolution, a Listening Revolution. It starts with a ban on unsolicited advice. You know the situation. You have a problem. You are in pain. You are depressed, anxious, insecure, or sad. Maybe you are frustrated with your job and have been looking for another one to no success, and now you are […]

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No, your response is to over function. Your High Functioning Anxiety has you convinced that the way through the shame is to push yourself more, to accomplish more, to people please, hustle, and polish it all to perfection. All of this in the hope that you can relieve the feelings of shame and anxiety.

This month on The Happier Approach we’ve been talking about how High Functioning Anxiety plays out in your everyday life. And no conversation about High Functioning Anxiety would be complete without talking about shame. 

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When I first started blogging I would write bits of wisdom like “love yourself no matter what” or “stop competing with yourself.” We KNOW these things. We KNOW we should love ourselves no matter what and be our biggest cheerleaders. And there are thousands of articles out there telling us the same things over and […]

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It starts with recognizing when your High Functioning Anxiety is running the show. Once we start learning to recognize the signs of High Functioning Anxiety and developing the coping skills to deal with our anxiety, we can start calming the storm and finding the ease that we are looking for.

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Today I want to explore those thoughts and beliefs that we hold dear. In many ways, they are like old songs that we play over and over. Maybe they were messages we received as children, maybe they are based on experiences we have had, maybe they are just inexplicably there. These thoughts and beliefs become […]