A few months ago I wrote a post on The Danger of Comparisons where I talk about how comparing ourselves to others can hurt us in trying to Live Happier. Since it is my year of honesty, I have to confess that after writing this post, even as a high functioning anxiety coach, I still […]

On the outside your spouse or significant other probably seems like the most put together, high achiever, all around superwoman/superman they are. But deep down, they may be suffering with racing thoughts, or feelings of doubt, fear, anxiousness, and worry.  Dating someone with high functioning anxiety isn’t always obvious. In fact, it may even be […]

If you’re anything like me, maybe you’ve always categorized yourself as a Type A personality. Maybe other people have characterized you as Type A and you’ve just accepted it to be true. You might even fit all the boxes, both good and bad.  On one hand, type A personalities are goal oriented, go-getters, over achievers, […]

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably researched thousands of different ways to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, get better sleep and on and on. The list of things to help you achieve that great night of sleep seems to be the same; avoid caffeine at night, turn off your tv or phone before […]

In my late 20s, while in graduate school, I took a full-time job at a local university. I had two different responsibilities working in the Career Services Office, helping students with their careers, and living in and managing the upper-class apartment complex. The job was a mix of apartment manager, rule enforcer, and big sister. […]

Throughout my life, one of my go-to strategies for dealing with my anxiety is through people-pleasing. My Monger tells me, that if everyone around me was happy, I will feel less anxiety. As part of this belief, I convince myself that everyone else’s needs are more important because if their needs are met, they won’t […]

For people with High Functioning Anxiety, denying stress is a way of life. We pride ourselves on being able to handle stressful situations. The reason I talk about “soldiering on” and “suck it up, buttercup” is whenever I have a stressful event, those are my default phrases. Pretending as if everything is fine is a […]

Living with a Monger who has commentary on everything I do is exhausting. The more she talks unchecked, the more my high functioning anxiety runs rampant. As a result, I have learned unhealthy coping mechanisms to keep her at bay. When my Monger is critical, my first response is to engage with her, debate with […]

I love thinking. I love analyzing, problem-solving figuring out the why. This past week my anxiety has been high for obvious reasons, from political unrest to a raging pandemic to running a micro business. There are lots of things to be anxious about. That isn’t surprising. What is surprising and drives me a little batty is […]

In response to the riot at the Capitol building Wednesday, leaders said, “this isn’t who we are; we aren’t people who do this.” And I internally cringed. Because clearly, we are people who do this—because we did—my fellow Americans—did this. The statement “this isn’t who we are” is a judgment statement, and it doesn’t allow […]