I have been obsessed with the Simone Biles story this week. I have read dozens of articles, from harsh criticism to celebrating her courageous choice to withdrawal from her Olympics events. I am 24 years older than Simone and Naomi Osaki—2 decades—20 years—and yet they are teaching me. They are teaching me what it means […]

This week I ate too much sugar, didn’t acknowledge my feelings, didn’t work out, my anxiety was high, my Monger was loud, and my BFF was in full do-whatever-you-want mode. I was super sensitive and white-knuckled through much of the week. Even as I type this, my Monger is saying, “Why are you sharing this!?!? […]

I learned at an early age that being the responsible one, the one everyone can count on, can earn me a lot of praise—while helping me avoid my anxiety. So I at an early age, I adopted the mantra, “I Got This.” I say it to myself when I am overwhelmed as a reminder that […]

At the core of High Functioning Anxiety is shame. Somewhere we learned that we are broken and unworthy. That unworthiness causes us to feel anxiety, fear, doubt, etc. We also learned that we received praise when we were productive and accomplished, which eased those feelings of being unworthy and all the anxiety and fear. As […]

I often joke that I became a therapist because I wanted to find a way to explain away my feelings so I wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore. Today is Father’s Day in the states. A day ripe with feelings. This will be my 5th Father’s Day without my Dad. He was the inspiration […]

Last week I talked about the I am Weak If I Own My Anxiety Myth, and one of my suggestions to managing anxiety was the reminder that rest is necessary. I got an email from a reader saying,—ok, but how do I do that? I really struggle with rest. And I thought, Yes! I LOVE […]

I have been following the news of Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from the French Open due to her struggles with anxiety and depression. In her post about her withdrawal, she shared how the depression started when she won the US Open in 2018. I remember watching her the day after she beat Serena Williams on the Today show. […]

I know from talking to clients worldwide, in the US, we are further along in ‘returning to normal’ than other countries, but these ideas still apply even if you are still living with lockdowns and high virus counts.  In the past month, I have read dozens of articles about post-COVID anxiety, each skimming the surface, […]

One hour ago, I was full of anxiety. I was unfocused; I couldn’t hold a thought, and I was jumping from to-do list item to to-do list, not accomplishing anything. A small wise voice in my head said, “Go workout, take a break, re-group.” This voice was met quickly by my Monger saying, “No way […]

Last week I shared about my week of spinning and anxiety. I heard from several people (as always, I love hearing from you!). I was struck by the number of people I interact with in my day-to-day life who were shocked to hear how anxious I had been, and they had no idea. Because the […]