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A client recently said to me, “I finally figured out that whenever I am complaining about someone else not giving me what I need, I first have to look and see if I am giving it to myself. And if I am not giving it to myself, I need to start there.” She was sharing […]

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So today I wanted to bring back Abby and hear how she implements A.S.K. around a common problem that I hear from just about everyone: what do we do about the issue of “not having enough hours in the day.”

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One of the themes I regularly hear from my Coach in Your Pocket clients is about making mistakes. We all make them, and we all hear and say wonderful (and yes, sometimes pithy) quotes about the power of mistakes, how mistakes help you learn and grow, and how without risk there would be no mistakes. […]

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What happens when we really mess up and can’t just rationalize our way out of it? When our inner voice isn’t making a mountain out of a molehill? When our inner voice is taking an actual mountain and adding a shame blizzard of epic proportions?

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We all say it, “I feel so anxious.” I am guilty of it too. The term anxiety has become a catch-all for a lot of emotions. It is a socially accepted word for stress, worry, anger, and sadness. We can say “anxiety” and people nod their heads and say “oh, yes, me too.” But no […]

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One key to channeling your Biggest Fan is getting into your body. When we can slow down and get into our bodies, we change our perspective. By changing our physical presence, we can see more options and the last step – Kindly pull back to see the big picture – can happen with greater ease.

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Earlier last week I found myself spinning with anxiety. I kept saying to myself, “Ok, you need to practice A.S.K.,” so I would acknowledge my feelings (“I am feeling sad and overwhelmed”), and then I would move on to slowing down and getting into my body, and then kindly pulling back to see the big […]

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This can be challenging for people with High Functioning Anxiety. We love rules. We love a guide–a simple system that we can follow to the exact letter, making everything feel better.

A.S.K.–my very own 3-step system for reducing your anxiety–appears to do that. It seems to offer a simple solution to our struggles with anxiety.

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“What would you say to watching a movie, tonight?” my husband asked on a random Tuesday evening. My first thought was no, we can’t watch a movie — it is a weeknight and we have “shows” to watch on the DVR. But I said, “I don’t want to watch a movie. Why don’t we watch […]

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I thought it would be nice to end the month on a conversation with Tonya Dalton, author of The Joy of Missing Out.

Tanya gets it. She understands the struggle. She isn’t about some “all you have to do is follow my system and you will be cured” way of thinking. 

As you know, like most of my clients, my BS meter is pretty, and when I was reading Tonya’s book, it was like Tonya was reading my mind. Every objection I had, she had a way to make it approachable and doable.