Last week I shared about my week of spinning and anxiety. I heard from several people (as always, I love hearing from you!). I was struck by the number of people I interact with in my day-to-day life who were shocked to hear how anxious I had been, and they had no idea. Because the […]

I am in the process of re-doing my website. As a part of the process, I am editing my blogs—over 400 of them–and moving them from the old site to the new site. It sounds like that would take a long time, right? Well, maybe for some who isn’t me. I am a wiz at […]

A few years ago, before I wrote the Happier Approach before I developed A.S.K. I was driving to work. It was a particularly stressful time in my life, and I was feeling exceptionally anxious. As I often do, in an attempt to calm myself, I want to get to the Why? Why am I so […]

A few years ago, while visiting one of our closest friends in the Outerbanks, we decided to go paddleboarding. This was my first time paddleboarding, and leading up to the event, I was nervous. My Monger had some objective evidence about my lack of athletic abilities, so she was chatty. In true High Functioning Anxiety […]

Shame is a HUGE part of High Functioning Anxiety. Practicing self-loyalty is a key to healing that shame and therefore quieting our High Functioning Anxiety. I love talking about self-loyalty because it is a process—I think of it like an onion. When you have spent your whole life being loyal to others, e.g., reading the […]

When I first started dating my husband, Doug, he was the Manager of the Aquatics Department at a local gym. Doug was a competitive swimmer in high school and is passionate about swimming; I mean PASSIONATE. I on the other hand see the pool as a place to play. I am very comfortable jumping off […]

Don’t stand out. Don’t be too vulnerable. Don’t make a mistake. Those are the three rules of the Monger (inner critic). She has others—but universally, those are her three rules. Last Sunday I broke the first two rules—I stood out, and I was vulnerable, and I wanted to share how my Monger let me know […]

At the start of the week, my plan for this letter was to discuss Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry. Sharing how that conversation highlighted the importance of mental health and how we should be respectful of people’s mental health struggles. I would have written that message and tied it up in a neat little […]

Years ago, a friend and I were having coffee at a local Starbucks (aw, I miss those days). As we sipped our latte’s and caught on the ups and downs of our lives, she was sharing about her daughter’s test-taking anxiety. She described how her daughter would just break down in tears anytime she had […]

Sometimes with high functioning anxiety, we feel so alone as if we are the only ones experiencing this mind jibberish. Today, I wanted to share some stories of how anxiety and the Monger have shown up this week for my clients, myself, and my friends (the names are made up the names!) The more we […]