Last week I wrote about the High Functioning Anxiety Wrestling Match and gave a common scenario I see all the time between the Monger and BFF. My goal for this week was to talk about how to bring in your Biggest Fan, how to handle the Monger-BFF wrestling match in that particular scenario. But in light of […]

The common wisdom is to do what you love, find your zone of genius, and do it as much as you can. This idea sounds fantastic, find what you are naturally good at and do more of it. For those of us with High Functioning Anxiety, this idea is problematic because we keep our anxiety […]

What a week!! I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster this week! And for a brief respite this weekend, I feel like the never-ending mercy game has been paused.  Last night, I watched David Chappelle’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live. I like him because he always makes me think. He talked about […]

I remember as a kid playing the hand wrestling game Mercy with my older brother. Inevitably I would cry “mercy! mercy!” as he twisted my hands, and he would taunt me in that special brotherly way, “New rules! We changed the name of the game, the new password it isn’t mercy, start guessing!” That is […]

Recently I have been OBSESSED with the Great British Baking Show on Netflix. No politics, no mask debates, no yelling, just amateur bakers who are competing in what they love. It is wonderfully relaxing. Each episode has a theme, and there are three challenges, two the bakers can prepare for and one technical challenge in […]

A few weeks ago, a client reached out to me over Voxer to share how anxious she was about a virtual work event she was hosting. I responded to her and said, of course, she would feel anxious and offered some tricks for reducing that anxiety, including acknowledging your feelings, remembering the power of AND, […]

As I sat down to write this note this morning, my first thought was what can I say that doesn’t sound trite? Every email I have received this week has talked about the crazy times we are living through. Change is happening at lightning speed. There is so much anxiety in the air, it is […]

Earlier this week, I was frustrated looking to pick a fight. Emotions are high these days; I have been hearing from clients, friends, and loved ones how their feelings are right at the surface. It feels like we are all ready to boil over with frustration, anger, sadness, and for some, an overwhelming feeling of […]

I was sad to hear of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, not just because of the deeper turmoil her death will plunge our country into but because she was a kind-hearted, passionate leader, and the world needs more of those right now. And yet, for her, I was relieved. She could lay down […]

2020 has thrust us out of our comfort zones and into a world of uncertainty, fear, and doubt. And yet, people with High Functioning Anxiety continue to pressure themselves to do better, be better, and improve. When life gets out of control, we double down on hustling. We amp up our need to be in […]