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Posted March 10, 2019 by

Today I am looking at the term High Functioning Anxiety. What is it? Why I think it is important to differentiate from anxiety and how to know, you might be dealing with it. Press  to Listen Show Notes & Links: Book I recommend: First We Make The Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety by Sara […]

Posted February 28, 2019 by

I am BACK! So excited to be back chatting with you.  Today I am sharing my personal story of both Resistance and Procrastination when it comes to the Happiness Hacks Podcast. Sometimes it is hard to tell which you are experiencing. I hope this episode helps!! Press  to Listen Show Notes & Links: Like the show? Leave […]

Posted October 21, 2018 by

Here are two different scenarios: Scenario One: You wake up in the morning and you remember a business call with a difficult client you have later that day. You are immediately filled with dread and your Monger is talking a mile a minute. You tell yourself, “change your thoughts, think positive, it will be fine.” […]

Posted October 18, 2018 by

Last week was World Mental Health Week. A week designed to raise awareness about the stigma attached to mental health. In that spirit, I wanted to share my stigma with you and my journey to overcome it. Not surprising, as with all types of stigma, our stigma about mental health is wrapped up in our own stories and […]

Posted October 10, 2018 by

Today is World Mental Health Day. If you are like me, you read that statement, and immediately you think of those in your life who live with diagnosable mental health issues, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, or schizophrenia.  But truthfully we all need to be showing up for our mental health each and every day. This isn’t […]

Posted September 30, 2018 by

Most clients come to my office because they want to be happier. They might be struggling with a relationship, had a recent loss, or are just tired of feeling discouraged and defeated all the time. More often than not shortly after someone starts therapy with me, they have what I call a reckoning. A time when […]

Posted September 23, 2018 by

So many of my clients talk about feeling invisible. The issue isn’t that they aren’t showing up in their lives or that they don’t feel seen. The problem is they feel seen not for themselves but for how they SHOULD be performing. Do you agree? Listen and let me know. Special Note: Listen carefully around […]

Posted September 9, 2018 by

In early August my Mom and I  took a trip to visit friends in Iowa. The trip brought me so many ah-ha’s about life priorities and living happier I wanted to share a few of the lessons I learned.  Press  to Listen Show Notes & Links: Like the show? Leave a review Transcript: Hey friends. I […]

Posted August 26, 2018 by

This week’s podcast came out a little late, listen to find out why. Sharing my own ‘default patterns’ and how slowly but surely we can change them.   Press  to Listen Show Notes & Links: Like the show? Leave a review Live Happier Day Retreats Transcript: Hey, everyone. Today I want to talk about anxiety and acceptance. […]

Posted August 15, 2018 by

So often we hear that our Monger is a Mean Girl or a Bitch. On this episode, I share why calling your Monger that doesn’t help. You can’t fight shame with shame.  Press  to Listen Show Notes & Links: 3 Characters Monger, BFF and Biggest Fan Transcript: Hey, everyone. I’m excited to be back, and this […]