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Birthdays, Rituals and Cake

Today is my birthday.  I am a big fan of celebrating my birthday!!!   In fact, I usually throw myself a birthday party but this year I am opting for a more quiet celebration and taking a vacation with one of my nearest and dearest!
Honestly, I don’t understand those people who don’t want to announce or celebrate their birthdays!  I love my birthday, not just because I get to be the center of my own universe for  a day–ha!  I love my birthday because it is a day I can celebrate me!  It is a day I can look back on and celebrate the fact that I am still here, still growing, still learning, still loving life.  I am another year older and hopefully another year wiser.  Now don’t misunderstand me–some birthdays can be a struggle.  I usually have a pause at the idea of growing older.  Every now and then I realize I am not 21 anymore even though most days I still feel like it.
One of the keys I think to Living Happier is having rituals or traditions.  Markers at which you celebrate or honor something.  Birthdays are one of these markers.  To me birthdays aren’t necessarily about presents or fancy dinners (although those can be nice).  Birthdays are a chance to enjoy the love of family and friends, to reflect on the past and dream about the future.  Birthdays give us a chance to celebrate our lives.
I believe we should celebrate our birthdays with fun rituals/traditions whether that be a card from your mother, your favorite breakfast in bed, a bouquet of your favorite flowers or a birthday cake.   For me, it is the cake.  Hands down my favorite, have to birthday tradition is to have a cake. The picture above is a birthday cake from a few years ago. Those that know me, know I have to have a cake, preferably one that is yummy.
Overall, my birthday traditions are pretty simple:

  • Have time to reflect on the past year and the dreams of the year to come.
  • Take time to soak up the joy and love from my family and friends.
  • Eat lots of yummy food especially cake.
  • And most importantly, all day long as I go through the day I have my own private celebrate me party.
How do you feel about your birthday? What are your birthday traditions/rituals?  I would love to hear how you celebrate the uniqueness that is you!!