Be Kind

Today I am going to start a movement.  It is a movement of two words;  Be Kind.  Kindness is a lost art.  Just being kind. Being gentle, supportive, understanding, kind.  I recognize in today’s world of recessions, mine explosions, war, and uncertainty there is a lot of frustration, exhaustion, anxiety, and panic.  But in my opinion, kindness is not hard.  Kindness is something we can muster even if we have had a bad day, a bad year, a bad decade.  Even if we are unemployed, sick with grief, feeling ill, and living alone, we can still be kind.  So today I ask you to pay attention to how you interact with those around you. The people you don’t know: The driver who cuts you off, the woman walking her dog, the guy in line ahead of you at the grocery store. And the people you do know, your nearest and dearest, your children, your parents, your friends.  Pay attention to how you think about these people, is it with disdain, fear, joy, kindness?  Are you able to be kind to them?  Would they say you are kind to them?
When I look at the world, it could use a little more kindness.  Sometimes as we get so wrapped up in our ‘to dos’, our one-upping and our litany of stuff that honestly doesn’t matter, we forget the power of a little kindness.  The power of a smile or a hello, an inside joke, a quick hug, a knowing laugh.  Helping your partner pick up the toy room at the end of the day, telling your child how wonderful they are and how much they mean to you, greeting your neighbors with more than a cursory nod.
Today I challenge you to simply be kind .  Let’s start a Kindness Movement.