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Alone Time

I am continually amazed by the power of alone time.  We all have busy lives filled with partners, children, friends, co-workers.  Few of us have alone time.  Not just time without someone else there but actual alone time–no TV, no computer, no i-pod, no distractions.  I live alone–well me and my cat who unfortunately isn’t much of a conversationalist–but I usually have the TV on, or my computer or my i-pod playing.  I try to take time regularly to sit with my thoughts and relax.  Although I will admit, I frequently try to come up with excuses why not to take self-time. But today I took the time to be alone. I had a free afternoon, and after my workout, I came home, ate lunch, and just sat on the couch and breathed.  I had been feeling ‘off’ most of the day, and I realized after only 5 minutes of sitting on the couch and just breathing I felt better.  I felt more relaxed, more centered, less anxious and ready to face the rest of my day.

It has always been fascinating to me that the things that make our lives easier and help us are often the hardest to implement into our lives e.g. exercise, healthy diet, alone time.  But I know for me when I do take the time to move my body, eat my fruits and veggies and just be (even for 5 minutes!) I feel better.  Try it!!  Today take 5 minutes and just be, breathe in and out, notice your thoughts and relax–I promise it will make a difference!!!

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