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A Spin Free Day

Today I have declared it a spin free day.  Spinning.  You know the concept, when your brain just gets a hold of something and you can’t let it go.  It is curiosity gone amuck.  As a mentor of mine use to call it (pardon the bluntness) it is  ‘mental masturbation’.  That phrase really says it best because the concept of spinning, in a way, feels good. It is a mindless activity that allows us to THINK we are making change, getting to the root of the issue, making a difference. Really all we are doing is spinning our wheels, going round and round on a subject and getting no where. Spinning is when you can spend hours or even all day on one conversation, one comment, one event and just beat it to death.
I am an over analyzer and spinning is something I engage in when I get overwhelmed and overly anxious.  It is my go to place when I need to take a break.  When my spinning gets out of control and I become aware that I am getting no where fast  I declare it a spin free day.  Today is that day.  I admit I have spent the past few days just spinning, just analyzing and debating and riding the ferris wheel in my brain, making new progress
We all do this (those of us attracted to the self-help industry, tend to do it more than your average bear) but we all engage in some activity of spinning.  For those of us who have read a lot of self help books we know the beauty of curiosity and awareness. We know that true change comes from awareness and self questioning.  But there is a fine line between self questioning and analyzing just to be analyzing.  Sometimes we just need to BE, sometimes there is no answer, there is no deep rooted meaning behind our feelings they are just feelings.  Sometimes we just need to allow whatever comes up to come up without digging deeper.  For those of us who analyze without even thinking about it, this can be challenging.  Thus why I have declared today a spin free day!  Today we are just going to BE.  We are going to Enjoy the Pause.
Don’t get me wrong–I think analyzing is helpful and a key to living happier.  And I think we need a balance, from time to time, we need to let go and live our lives without looking for a deeper need, or meaning.  So if you too have noticed you have gotten a little heavy on the self-analyzation. Join me on my No Spin Day and let me know how it feels!