2012 My Year of Honesty

2012 My Year of Honesty

Thanks to Cynthia for the pic!

In the blogosphere (i.e. the world o’blogs) it has become trendy and hip to determine your theme or word of the year.  Actually, my friend and colleague Michelle Barry Franco has been doing this for years. The concept is that each year rather than a resolution or intention you have an over arching theme that you want to work on or work towards.  I admit I have hesitated to participate–mostly because it has become trendy and hip and I didn’t want to be ‘yet another person jumping on this band wagon’.   After years of observing I have watched my friend Michelle really get something out of this idea of a theme.   So this year, after writing my intentions the thought keeps popping into my head about my year theme and what that means.

I like the concept of a theme because it fits into so many areas of our lives.  We can have the theme of family, health, joy, laughter or relationships and from those themes can come many different intentions.  So if your theme is health you could have the intention from quitting smoking to taking 5 minutes a day to meditate.  If family is your theme you could have anything from learn your roots and work on your genealogy to spend more time with your immediate family.  The possibilities are really endless.

So what is my theme you might ask?  After much debate and thought…I kept coming back to words like genuine, congruency, authenticity and truth.  Words that had the theme of honesty.  So I decided my theme would be honesty.  To be honest (ha!) I was surprised that this was the word that resonated the most, because I value truth, I am a trustworthy person.  However, honesty fits for me, in this time, for this year. To be honest, I have a tendency (as we all do..but I have a skill at it) of burying my head in the sand and heading into denial.  Yes, I believe denial is there for a reason to protect us from the pain of life, but I want to be more honest as to how long I stay in the denial phase of pain management!!   I want to be more honest with myself in what I really want out of my life, and my business  I want to be more honest in my relationships in what I need and how I feel.  I want to be more honest in what is happening around me, and the actions I need to take.

There you have it.. me sharing (and honestly feeling quite vulnerable about it) my 2012 theme of Honesty. What themes resonate with you?  What words peak your interest for the year 2012 or even just for the month of January?  Feel free to share in the comments.