Episode 163: Lou Blaser and the Performative Nature of High Functioning Anxiety – Part 2

Anyone with High Functioning Anxiety knows what I mean when I talk about the Swan Effect.

It basically boils down to the feeling of being so on top of it and accomplishing everything we set our sights on… compared to the overwhelm and exhaustion that we feel under the surface that no one can see. 

My guest on this series about the performative nature of high functioning anxiety is no stranger to the Swan Effect. 

In part one of this podcast, Lou Blaser from the Second Breaks Podcast and I talked about the Swan Effect and what it feels like to be calm on top and yet paddling like mad, metaphorically, underneath. We also discussed when Lou realized she needed help and what therapy taught her about anxiety and depression. 

On today’s episode, Lou and I continue the conversation around the performative nature of high functioning anxiety with Lou. For her, learning to recognize that tendency is a sign that her depression and anxiety have spiked and that she needs to step up her self-care.

If you feel like no matter how anxious you are that you need to appear on top of it, this episode is for you. And don’t miss part one, which you can listen to here.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why sharing your anxiety is so hard and finding the right pair of ears is essential
  • The sneaky ways we sabotage ourselves 
  • Why therapy isn’t a fix-all and the disappointment in realizing Lou won’t be magically fixed
  • The power of self-loyalty and changing how Lou had her own back was so important

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