Episode 157: Unhooking the Lie that You Need to be Mean to Yourself

For those of us with high functioning anxiety, the voice of our inner Monger is loud

It’s the voice that tells us we’ll never succeed. 

It’s the voice that tells us we’re an imposter and we’re mere moments away from being found out. 

It’s an internal voice of belittling and nastiness. It consistently makes us feel like we aren’t enough. 

For those of us with exceptionally loud Mongers, we can’t WAIT for the day that our Monger disappears. And while we’d like to silence that inner critic once and for all, what happens if you feel like you’d never get anything done without your Monger? What do you do then?

That’s exactly what my dear friend Jamie told me… and it sparked an epiphany. I needed to get to the root of why my own Monger was so belittling, shaming and mean—and why I believed that I needed that voice. In this episode, Jamie and I are chatting about her anxiety and how her Monger shows up in her life and ways your Monger might show up in your life, too.

To learn more about the Monger, listen to Episode 110: The Voices In Your Head—The Monger and click here to read more about the Monger on my website.

 Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Jamie brings her own sense of humor to the many rules and rigidities we have in dealing with our anxiety
  • The different ways that our Monger can show up: mean and relentless or critical and pushy and ways our Monger can shame us and keep us stuck in all areas of our lives
  • How Jamie realized that her Monger would never fully go away but instead she could make her part of the team

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