EP 153: How the Conventional Happiness Formula Is Keep Us Stuck with Kim Strobel

Frequently we will ask ourselves—why am I unhappy?

But the key component is the question underneath the question. 

What is making you unhappy

Or better yet, what how would you know if you were happy? 

A friend, former guest and storytelling expert, Hillary Rea, shared that it might come down to asking a more beautiful question—a question that helps you get to the heart of the question to uncover the answer. Often, Hillary uses the phrase—ask a more beautiful question—to prompt her to get to the heart of an issue. 

Throughout my own experiences, I’ve found that the beautiful question is usually underneath the question that’s important and so today’s episode is a study into the question underneath the question concept.

I’m talking with Kim Strobel who’s a happiness and empowerment coach and the founder of Strobel Education. As a leadership consultant and happiness coach, Kim helps businesses, organizations, and high-achievers prioritize their health and well-being so they can reach new levels in their business and their life. And as a result, businesses and organizations take massive actions and create positive change in every area.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • The conventional happiness formula and how it keeps us stuck
  • Adding gratitude and affirmations into your life in a helpful way (you know I have some opinions about these 2 concepts so Kim and I break it down for you!) 
  • How Kim’s panic disorder affected her life, how she overcame it, and what happened when it reared its ugly head again
  • How the process of learning to live with her panic disorder helped bring her happiness

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