Episode 148: The Adventure of Fully Showing Up As A Human Being

Go big or go home. 

Dream big! 

Do big things.

That’s what all the self-help gurus and Pinterest tell us to do. But is it really the answer? 

We can all think of a time where we thought that going big—moving somewhere new, going after that new career, or buying the awesome house or car—would be the solution to all of our problems. 

Yet more often than not, we find that those big moves aren’t the answer to our inner happiness nor our problems. I’ve found in my own experience as well as working with clients that doing the inner work and facing our humanness is what we need to do first.

That’s where the true big adventure lies.

All this month, I’ve been talking about Being Human. I spoke with Tara McMullin in Episode 145 about being human in your business and with Sarah Kathleen Peck in Episode 146 about getting unstuck and out of your own way. 

In today’s episode, I want to expand a bit on the unstuck theme and how our tendency as people with High Functioning Anxiety is to do two things: 1) give up on getting unstuck and keep swallowing the dream of being superhuman, and 2) continually look for that easy fix.  

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • My experience with chasing after a big dream to move to Portland and what I learned by facing my Monger, setting healthy boundaries, and stop turning my back on myself and building my own self-loyalty
  • How facing the hard stuff in your life can be full of adventure and learning
  • What to do and what it means when you want to Blow It All Up
  • Why going big means fully showing up as a human being


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