Episode 145: How Embracing Your Humanness Can Lead to More Success with Tara McMullin

Being human is messy and imperfect—and, we’re bound to make mistakes. 

It’s part of the deal.

We’re not going to get everything right, every time. 

But we learn as we go. 

That’s what being human is all about. 

For some, being human—the messiness of it—is totally anxiety-provoking. It makes things feel harder to do and accomplish. But what if embracing your humanness could actually result in more ease and more success… with a whole lot less anxiety to boot? Is it possible?

Not only is it possible, but it is also achievable through tiny, small changes we can make to our everyday lives. And all this month, I’m going to go deep into how to embrace our humanness and discuss what it means to be human.  

Today, I’m kicking off the Being Human theme with one of my business mentors, Tara McMullin

We talk about how for Tara bringing her humanness into her life has made some huge shifts with her business, relationships, and mental health.

Tara is a podcaster, small business community leader, and speaker. She’s been helping small business owners find what works for them for over a decade. Tara’s goal is to push past the hype so she can better facilitate candid conversations about doing business in the New Economy.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Tara’s quest to be more human has enhanced and enriched her life
  • How hearing about High Functioning Anxiety gave Tara some real ah-ha’s
  • The relationship between depression and HFA 
  • Tara’s morning ritual that helps her with her HFA

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