Episode 144: How to Avoid Passing Your Anxiety on to Your Kids with Renee Mattson – Part 2

There is so much pressure to be the perfect parent. 

My clients tell me all the time that they consistently feel they have to be “perfect” and be all the things to their children. That anxiety infiltrates everything they do—and that anxiety can also impact their children. 

One thing we can do to decrease not only our own anxiety but our kids’ anxiety, too, is by being honest about what we have time for, what our expectations are, and own up when we fail. It’s important not only for our children but also for ourselves. 

This week, I’m continuing my interview with parenting expert and coach, Renee Mattson about anxiety in children and how as parents we can help raise our kids with more resiliency and less anxiety.

If you missed it, I highly recommend listening to part one where Renee shared helpful ways to not pass along your anxiety to your children and why clear boundaries, empathy and compassion are so important. 

Renee is the owner and founder of Child in Bloom, a coaching business for parents and teachers. She’s a mother of three, a licensed intervention specialist for children with specific learning and behavior needs, licensed educator for elementary and gifted children, parent coach, adjunct faculty member at Xavier University, and trainer and coach for educational professional development. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why it’s so important to follow your gut as a parent
  • Creative ways to support our kids without accommodating them
  • How to solve the ultimate problem: wanting to spend as much time with your children but not having any time
  • Why putting your children ahead of your marriage can lead to increased anxiety

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