Episode 143: How to Avoid Passing Your Anxiety on to Your Kids with Renee Mattson – Part 1

In these unprecedented times…

In these uncertain times…

Now more than ever…


The language of 2020 is getting old. 

But it’s getting old because we are running out of words to describe the anxiety, overwhelm, fear, and uncertainty that we are living through right now in July of 2020. 

It’s not just anxiety-provoking for us as adults but also for the next generation. Statistics show that the strain of our world is taking a toll on our children.  

A few months ago, one of my clients asked if I’d seen the Atlantic article about childhood anxiety—they were convinced that they were totally messing up their kids! 

Of course, I read the article and it inspired me to reach out to parenting expert (and childhood friend of mine!) Renee Mattson. I wanted to find out her thoughts on how we’re impacting our kids and how we can better parent them through these anxious times. 

Renee is the owner and founder of Child in Bloom, a coaching business for parents and teachers. She’s a mother of three, a licensed intervention specialist for children with specific learning and behavior needs, licensed educator for elementary and gifted children, parent coach, adjunct faculty member at Xavier University, and trainer and coach for educational professional development. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Helpful ways to not pass along your anxiety to your kids
  • Why clear boundaries, empathy, and compassion are so important
  • How a lack of time has made over accommodating an even bigger problem and how to approach it
  • The idea that our children are craving an adult in the room and too often we treat them like mini-adults

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