Episode 139: Why Bother, What’s the Point, and What To Do Next with Jennifer Louden

What’s the point? 

Why bother? 

Who cares? 

It will never change…

Have you ever caught yourself uttering those words? 

Perhaps you’ve said these to yourself when considering a career change or launching a creative project or even making a self-care plan. I know I have! 

These questions can also be considered along the lines of what’s happening across the nation right now with social justice and equality. 

Sometimes, we are so afraid of taking imperfect action and doing it wrong that we simply don’t bother at all. Instead, we stay stuck by not taking action at all and rehashing the ways we did it wrong in the past. 

But we can do it differently. 

We can take small, measured, imperfect action. 

We can make progress toward desire.

Today’s guest, Jennifer Louden, is an expert in doing it differently. She is a personal growth pioneer and author of Why Bother?, helping readers discover the desire for what’s next in their lives. As an entrepreneur and educator, Jennifer has offered women’s retreats for over 25 years and reaches over 20,000 subscribers weekly. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why Jennifer was inspired to write the book, Why Bother?
  • How she realized that “holding her mistakes close” was actually holding her back
  • How our past—especially without family of origin—affects our current lives
  • Why it’s important to go beyond the idea that all of our creative endeavors must be useful or practical (and how that believe holds us back from trying new things)

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