Episode 137: Redefining Self-Care and Reclaiming Sovereignty with Mara Glatzel

Which of these examples looks like a day of self-care for you?

A hike through the woods with your nearest and dearest and a picnic lunch.

A rambunctious night of games, drinks, and pizza with friends.

Sleeping in and having coffee in bed, followed by a granola bowl on the back deck.

A chance to read your new fiction book, some yard work, and a barbeque on the grill. 

Canceling plans to go canoeing because you just don’t feel good and need to rest.

Staying in bed all day, watching movies. 

We have a set definition of what self-care should look like. But the reality is that any and all of the above ideas can be self-care! 

For those of us with High Functioning Anxiety, we struggle with self-care. I mean, soul-nourishing, true downtime, really-giving-back-to-ourselves kind of self-care. 

And yet our lack of self-care keeps us stuck in over-functioning and a lack of self-loyalty. 

Sound familiar?

That’s why this month we’re talking about what keeps you stuck and how self-care (and lack thereof!) is one of those things. 

My guest today is Mara Glatzel, MSW, an intuitive coach, writer, and podcast host who helps perfectionists and people pleasers reclaim their sovereignty. She’s a queer, femme wife and mother of two, recovering control freak, and a human who deeply understands the impulse to relegate her needs to the bottom of a very long to-do list in an attempt to prove her worth. 

Mara also teaches everything she knows about identifying, honoring, and advocating for your needs in her 9-month online program, Tend. You can access her free training Revive: Self-Care That Works, hang with her on Instagram, or tune in to her weekly podcast, Needy.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Her tagline redefining self-care and reclaiming sovereignty and what that means to her
  • How to prioritize yourself when you have overly prioritized others
  • How self-accountability is an act of self-love
  • Why “needs” is such a bad word in our society and how she is reclaiming needs as a good thing

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