Episode 130: Alcohol, Anxiety, & Avoidance With Author Andrea Owen

Is it too early to pour a glass of wine? 

I’m just going to have one drink while I read my book outside. 

Okay, well, one more while I cooked dinner. 

Oh, a glass of wine would taste so good with this pasta. 

I think I’m just going to do half a glass. 

Well, there’s just a little bit left in the bottle. I’m just going to finish that up…

And then at 3:00 AM, waking up with a headache and unable to go back to sleep, my monger starts chiming in: Why did you drink so much? What were you thinking? Why did you do that – again?

Before I took a long, hard look at my drinking, this was what I put myself through most days of the week.

Alcohol and anxiety tend to go hand in hand. We drink to decrease our anxiety and then because it feels so good, we drink too much and the result is an increase in anxiety. 

Today, we’re continuing our month of avoidance and anxiety by talking with Andrea Owen about the connection between avoidance and alcohol. 

As a recovering alcoholic and life coach, Andrea has a unique perspective on the topic of avoidance and alcohol. She is the founder of Your Kick-Ass Life coaching and author of the books How To Stop Feeling Like Shit and 52 Ways To Live a Kick-Ass Life. I have been a huge fan of Andrea’s for years, and this is the first time I’ve had the privilege of talking with her. 

I love this interview for so many reasons, but the main point I want to leave you with is that alcohol use runs on a continuum and it is a personal decision. No one can tell you that you have a problem with alcohol except for yourself. For Andrea, her bottom was very high. For others, it takes much more drama and devastation before they notice they have a problem.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • When Andrea knew she wasn’t just a social drinker
  • Why it can be so hard to see that drinking is a problem
  • Why alcohol gives us false hope as a treatment for our anxiety and why it can make for a dangerous combination
  • What role society plays in drinking
  • And what to do if you want to change your relationship with alcohol

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