Episode 129: Avoiding Through Social Media with Founder of SkillsCamp Bailey Parnell

Social media is one of my personal favorite methods of avoiding and as you can imagine it has only gotten worse in recent weeks.

I often find myself obsessively making the rounds on social media: Twitter to Facebook to Instagram to email and back again. Stories about being isolated at home, questioning the seriousness, tips for cooking during a crisis, hoarding TP…

UGH!  This has to stop!

This is a conversation I was having with myself even before the pandemic crisis. It has only gotten worse since the shelter in place orders went down.  

Social media is an amazing catch-22 – it calms your need to be vigilant while simultaneously making you more anxious. 

All this month we have been exploring the ways that avoidance shows itself in relation to anxiety. So far we have talked with Jacquette Timmons about avoidance and money and Erica Drewry about avoidance and food. 

Today we are talking Bailey Parnell about how we engage in avoidance through social media. I am so excited to bring you this eye-opening conversation with Bailey, founder & CEO of SkillsCamp and #safesocial. After Bailey noticed her own abuse of social media she decided to research and learn more about this issue. Her approach to reducing our social media is unique and very doable. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why the research that says our anxiety increase with social media is not accurate
  • Why our tendency to demonize social media only makes it worse
  • Baliey’s 5 steps to using social media safely – AKA, Safe Social
  • What to do when you find yourself down the rabbit hole and mindlessly scrolling

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