Episode 127: Anxiety, Avoidance, and Money With Financial Behaviorist Jacquette Timmons

There is one thing almost everyone does when their anxiety gets high. 

They avoid. 

Whether through food, alcohol, social media, or money–we avoid. 

All this month I am talking with experts in these four areas of avoiding. We’re pulling back the curtains on our avoiding ways and how we can make small manageable changes to bring intention to our lives. 

We’re kicking this off this month talking with Jacquette Timmons about money. 

Money and avoidance go hand in hand. Money is a very loaded topic for people in general, but especially those with High Functioning Anxiety. We avoid dealing with our money. We avoid talking about money. We engage in overspending or being overly controlling about money.

All of these patterns come from one place – avoiding our intentions and feelings about money. 

Jacquette Timmons is a national investment expert and financial coach. She is the founder of Sterling Investment Management, a New York-based investment education and financial coaching firm. She has worked in the investment industry for 23 years and conducts numerous personal finance and stock market investing workshops.

This conversation couldn’t have come at a better time. While I think any time we can intentionally talk about money is good, right now, with the current state of the world, this conversation is even more relevant.  

I learned so much from Jacquette in our conversation. We laughed and shared openly and honestly about the topic of money. She has a unique and refreshing approach to money management – one that we can all benefit from to ease our shame and anxiety around money. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why Jacquette’s approach to money management is so unique
  • What you can do to ease some of your shame and anxiety around money
  • Why we avoid when it comes to money and what we can do about today
  • What the role our family of origin plays in our approach to money

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