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You are Not the Crazy One.


A few weeks ago my nearest and dearest sent me the above saying.  I immediately resonated with it.  It is how I feel about the new Live Happier Loft--it is a whisper of the heart that has become too loud for me to ignore.  For years I have had this dream of opening up a space for like minded people to gather and support each other on the quest to Live Happier.  Finally, (Thank God!!) I got tired of quieting the dream.

So often when working with clients they hit a point where the whisper of their heart is too great.  At some point as the ah’ha’s start hitting and clients start implementing the ideas of taking care of themselves, listening to their inner wisdom and speaking their needs clients will ask, “Am I the crazy one, here?”  Meaning…I feel like this way of living makes sense and yet I am getting so much flack that I must be wrong.

To which I respond:

You are not the crazy one!!  This is a crazy world we live in. Priorities are confused, values aren’t encouraged, and speaking up for yourself and setting healthy boundaries is seen as a betrayal.  So sometimes when people really start to engage the Live Happier Philosophy and they really start to live intentionally, make choices that feed their values, set healthy boundaries, and confront conflicts directly and with clarity they start feeling like they are doing something wrong.  The pushback can be intense.

Humans in general, dislike change, dislike disruption and would prefer the system remained unchanged.  But the system is flawed, the system is broken.  We are spending too much time and money pleasing other people, working toward the bottom line, letting our relationships and bodies suffer for the sake of the system.

Their is hope.  We can take back the system.  One small whisper at a time.  I feel the shift.  I know there is a change.

I hear it in my clients voices–the whisper of their heart saying “It CAN be different.” “You CAN Live Happier”.

I read it in their emails when they share a victory of listening to their own inner wisdom, or setting a tough boundary.

I see it on their faces as they walk into the Loft with a new glow and a renewed energy.

You, my friend, are not the crazy one, the system is.

Did you know that in June there will be a workshop every day of the week AND they will be half-off?!?!

Download a copy of the schedule here or go here to register.

Hope to see you there!!

One Response to You are Not the Crazy One.

  1. One small whisper at a time!

    Yes, Nancy you just answered that question that eats at us when we start listening to our desire, when we start living life with clarity about what works for us; that question “am I crazy?” Thanks for living the life and modeling what this looks like. Congrats on the Loft events.