One on One

What Happens When You’re Tired Of Toughing It Out?

After working with me my clients are anxiety-free, no worries and feel absolutely in confident and in control 100% of the time. Not exactly, I wish. Seriously, after working with me my clients still have anxiety, but now they have strategies for dealing with it. Because it isn’t a dirty little secret anymore they can deal with it more directly so it doesn’t have a drastic effect on their lives like is used to. They can recognize when their coping skills are running the show (e.g. perfectionism, people pleasing, hustling) and make the necessary shifts to get out of ‘white-knuckling’ mode. The biggest change is that they feel more confident and in control. They aren’t looking outside of themselves for input all the time and comparing their lives to others.

They have learned to:

  • embrace their messy, imperfect, unique lives and ride the waves rather than holding on for dear life.
  • be heard and respected for who they are.
  • stop doubting themselves all the time.
  • not live in fear of their feelings and people finding out they aren’t all together.
  • feel confident in their lives and not like they are white-knuckling (toughing it out) it all the time.

For so long you have hustled, fake it until you make it is a daily mantra for you, and soldiering on is a way of life. Those coping skills have helped you survive. And now they just aren’t working anymore. It is time to get honest with yourself. Show up for yourself. Allow yourself to really see yourself. Put down the hustle, the coping skills and face what is really there in all it’s messiness. I swear, it’s not as scary as it sounds we have just been taught that we are scary and need to protect the world from our needs, feelings, and desires. It’s time to be loyal to you to take off the mask, face your anxiety and become confident in who you are.

You will be able to live your life with more ease and less overwhelm and anxiety.
You will know how to handle a Monger attack.
You will recognize when anxiety has taken over the driver’s seat and you will be more in control of everyday life decisions.

Let’s Figure It Out Together.

Working with me is not your typical one on one work where each week you come, and we sit and talk, and you go home, and then the next week we sit and talk and you go home, rinse and repeat ad nauseam. No, working with me is going to be focused, committed, change. There will be homework, ah-ha moments, tears and laughter. My clients are amazed at how working with me allows them to get to the root of the matter so much faster.

Step One: Send me an email or visit my contact page to set up a free 30-minute session to see if we would be a good fit.

Step Two: Schedule your first session: The first session is a 90-minute session. It gives us time to deep dive into your stories. In this session, we can start to determine where you Monger is holding you back and where you are repeatedly getting stuck.

Step Three: Continue our work via the Voxer app and once a month 60-minute sessions. You have the freedom to schedule the appointments how you work best. The point of this work is for you to start trusting yourself and your Biggest Fan. My role is to provide a framework and it is your role to listen to yourself and schedule the sessions.

This is more than just coaching. It’s life strategy. This is more than just getting to the root and naming your triggers. This is about recognizing a trigger and knowing what to do about it once you see it. This isn’t fluff. This is looking at yourself and your life differently. It might get uncomfortable it might be hard AND it will be SO worth it. We can’t get off the hamster wheel without a little introspection.

You have to be prepared to transform your life. I keep my client load small so I can work closely with each of my clients and dive deep.

You’re a good fit if you’re ready to…
You are done trying to protect everyone from your anxiety and ready to show up anxiety and all.
You are tired of the simple, quick fixes…think positive and be grateful are wonderful but they aren’t cutting it anymore.
Your old coping mechanisms (perfectionism, people pleasing and soldiering on) aren’t working anymore and you keep getting stuck in your old default patterns (over-indulging, beating yourself up, feeling out of control).
You suspect that there is something more and something deeper required to make your life work, but you just aren’t sure what it looks like yet.

This is not for you if…
If you want a quick fix.
My philosophy is all about, making slow gradual, changes that last.
You only want to work in session. The key to this work is practicing it in the real world. If you aren’t willing to practice it change won’t happen.

Ready to get started?

Send me an email or reach out via my contact page.
We will set up a time to chat on the phone and see if we would be a good fit.