You don't have to live stressed out and exhausted.

Work With Me One-On-One

I help strong, heart centered women embrace their messy lives so they can live happier. I help them put down the need to please, learn to set boundaries with kindness and ditch the resentment and exhaustion that piles up after years of being the strong one. Strength is awesome, but when we are holding everyone else’s needs above our own we can feel unfulfilled and left asking ourselves is this all there is? I promise there is more to life, and it starts with embracing the mess.

Which brings us to the most common question:

Why would I want to Embrace my Messy Life?

shutterstock_367509245I’ll be honest. I get a lot of pushback around the tagline. We are told to think positive, change our thoughts, be grateful for what we have. We aren’t told to embrace our lives warts and all.

For a long time, I had a life that really should have made me happy. In fact, that was my mantra for many years, “I have a great career, a wonderful home and a loving family I SHOULD be happy”. But repeating that mantra just made things worse. I tried changing my thoughts, thinking positive and feeling grateful but that just caused me to beat myself up more for still feeling like something was missing. I did have a great life, but I wasn’t showing up for it. I was walking through it like a zombie. Coasting along spending more time on my phone than listening to my inner wisdom.  It wasn’t until I started embracing my life warts and all that I made real change,  I decreased stress and increased happiness.

In working with clients, when they start embracing what is…embrace the mess with grace and compassion, their lives open up in a totally different way. They stopped trying to gloss over the ‘negatives’ in their life and started giving themselves compassion around them. I help clients learn how to hold both, the sadness and the joy that is life. I teach them how to stop letting anxiety run the show, and start listening to themselves so that people pleasing, perfectionism and the inner critic stop taking center stage, and they can show up equipped in all areas of their lives.

That is where working with me one on one begins: permission to be you. When you are honest with yourself and your life you can then create space for growth and together we can start peeling back the layers of what is keeping you from showing up in your life. Real change takes place when we look at the roots of the issues with grace and compassion, as well as develop practical baby steps for change and then practice those steps in the real world. We will be looking at the WHY of your issues as well as the so, what’s next?

Am I the Right Therapist for You?

Working with me is not your typical therapy where each week you come, and we sit and talk, and you go home and then the next week we sit and talk and you go home. Working with me is going to be focused, committed, change. There will be homework, ah-ha moments, tears and laughter. At the end of each session, I will check in with you and make sure we are on the right track, discussing the issues and make the changes you desire. I believe authenticity and humor are essential to make a change.

Personal growth is a process…the biggest lessons come when we try something new and don’t quite hit the goal. The meat is in the mess-ups. Anytime we make changes we will inevitably fail (all part of this messy process). We will develop strategies for dealing with these disappointments, so they don’t permanently derail you on your journey to trusting yourself.

Think we might be a good match? Awesome! I offer a free 30-minute phone session so we can chat and get to know each other

How it works:

Sessions are 60 minutes and can take place at the Live Happier Loft in Columbus, Ohio, or via Skype


$125/hour (I am considered an out of network provider for insurance. (see below for more details)


I take payment at the time of service ($125/hour via check, cash, credit cards or Health Savings Account cards) and provide you with an insurance Super Bill, which you can then submit to insurance. Insurance reimbursements vary so; please contact your insurance company for the correct information.

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