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Wondering Wednesday: Who are you?

As humans we are a wonderful mix of personality traits. We can be silly one minute and sad the next.  We can enjoy working with people AND working with spreadsheets.  We can like eating veggies AND a steak.  To the same degree, we can love hanging out with people and hate going to parties.  Or we can LOVE skiing and hate the snow.  We are full of contrasts and complexities.  Too often we try to simplify ourselves down to a certain stereotype, a certain mold.  We try to compartmentalize ourselves into a box.  I am a Secretary, I am a Doctor, I am a Lawyer.  In reality we are full of inconsistencies, differences and uniqueness.

I frequently fall into this trap, I am a career counselor who write and speaks about living happier, being the best you possible who also is a huge skeptic and part time cynic.  I am an individual who loves speaking in front of groups, feels at peace and connected when I am doing that and also know that I will need 10 hours to regroup from such an experience.  I am a woman who loves to challenge myself and push my limits and will often cry while doing so.  We send confusing messages, we act in variety of ways, we are who we are.

Recently I was talking with a mentor of mine and he was saying that we can be 2 completely different people like a great business mind like Donald Trump and a spiritual thinker like Eckhart Tolle.  Or as I said I felt I was Oprah Winfrey and Alanis Morissette–a spiritual thinker and a spiritual cynic.  It’s fun to think of it as who you are as a famous person, but it doesn’t even have to be a famous person. Maybe you are a wonderful mom and an inspiring entrepreneur.  Maybe you are a creative cook and a fabulous organizer or a gifted writer and an avid runner.

So today for your Wondering Wednesday step out of your box and spend some time thinking Who am I?  What are all the wonderful gifts, personality quirks and unique traits that I bring to the world?  When we embrace ALL of who we are we can live happier and work happier.

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