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Wondering Wednesday: What Small Steps can you Take Today to Implement your Dream?

Last week I the Wondering Wednesday question was–What would you do differently if you knew no one would judge you?  and we had some awesome answers.   The challenging part of the question–part 2 if you will–is this week’s wondering Wednesday question.  How can you start slowly implementing your answer into your every day life?;   How can you start dipping your toe into the water so to speak?

Maybe your dream is to go back to school and become a nurse.  But you hear all these voices in your head (real or imagined) that say that is too hard, you won’t be able to finish it, dealing with patients is too difficult on and on and on. So many of my clients spend the first sessions just allowing themselves the chance to dream, to think without judgment what they might do. So first step admit your dreams, then start paying attention to those voices.  Frequently people get stuck at this first step. The voices become so debilitating that they don’t move forward.  The key is to plow ahead, notice the voices and then take small safe steps to moving yourself towards your dreams.   Admit those voices are there and then start implementing little by little small changes.  Maybe it is just researching nursing schools or talking to friends who are nurses.  Or simply saying out loud to yourself, ‘you know some day I want to be a nurse’.  Whatever you can do to dip your toe in the water.

So often our dreams and wishes get buried by fears of judgments either self judgements or judgements that we have heard from other people.  If we don’t start speaking these dreams out loud they will be buried forever.  I am not saying you need to go out today and make a plan to accomplish all your dreams.  I am saying go today and name one little thing you can do that moves your toward your dreams.

If you didn’t answer part one of the question, please do so and then think about part 2: How can you start slowly implementing your answer into your every day life? What SMALL steps can you make towards your dream?  Even if those steps are saying it out loud to those closest to you.  Or writing down the steps you would take to accomplish it.  Or researching people who have done something similar. The key is to start taking action, one step in front of the other and then simultaneously paying attention to those voices of judgment and that rise up and just notice them.  Just notice them.  Today acknowledge  your dreams, take one small action step and pay attention to what happens.

Feel free to share it in the comments section below–I’ll go first!
Thanks to little azorean for the beautiful photo of dipping your toes in the water.  
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