Wondering Wednesday: What is your definition of living happier?

Wondering Wednesday: What is your definition of living happier?

Time once again for Wondering Wednesday.  It continually amazes me how quickly the weeks fly by–guess that means we are having fun, yes?  So the Wondering Wednesday:  is what is your definition of living happier?  I thought with all this Live Happier. Work Happier chatter–it might make sense to define it for yourself.

So frequently we define happiness or living happier as a state or  a place we will achieve and once we get there all will be well.  But we all know in reality, once we achieve that goal/idea we are quickly on to the next thing.  Today as you ponder your definition of happiness:  What does it feel like?  Does it feel peaceful, content, joyous, blissful, anger-free, stress-free?  In the state of living happier Are you doing something you love?, Joining with someone you love?  What does your life look and feel like?  What is your state of mind? Who are you surrounding yourself with?  What are your thoughts/beliefs?

All of these questions go into living happier.  Living happier isn’t just one thing.  It is a combination of beliefs, people, activities and state of mind.

What is your definition of Living Happier? How will you know when you are living or working happier?  Feel free to share it in the comments section below–I’ll go first!

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Thanks to ernohannink for the photo representation of happiness. 
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