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Why You Should Trust Your Boundaries

If you work with me a lot you will hear me speak the benefits of setting healthy boundaries.  I believe setting healthy boundaries allows us to live happier in big powerful ways.

Unfortunately, the term boundaries has gotten a bad rap.  Boundary setting is seen as harsh, mean, selfish and cruel.  In reality, boundary setting has a lot of wonderful benefits.

Here are some benefits to setting healthy boundaries

  • People know where we stand:  When we set clear boundaries it reduces a lot of communication problems because people know what to expect from us and they can react accordingly.
  • Our needs and priorities are clear: in order to set clear boundaries we have to have clear needs and priorities.
  • You are free to live your life because you know where you stand and you are comfortable sharing those boundaries with other.
  • You are less angry because you are taken advantage of less.
  • You feel more in control of  your life and your happiness.
  • You live happier; imagine having communication running smoother, priorities. set and needs being met…yikes–sounds a living happier gold mine.

The challenge of setting healthy boundaries:

  • It requires support.  It is tough to set boundaries on our own–especially as we are just starting out.
  • It can feel mean, selfish and harsh.  So it is important to have the inner strength and until you can build it the external strength.
  • When boundary setting is new it can take awhile for people to ‘catch up’ and understand the ‘new rules’.

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