Why Just Changing Your Job Won't Make You Live Happier.

Why Just Changing Your Job Won't Make You Live Happier.

Yep, you read that title correctly–just changing your job won’t necessarily help you live happier.  So frequently when we are unhappy we are desperate, desperate for a change, desperate to be doing something different, desperate to have a new boss or new co-workers.  When that desperation kicks in, usually our quality decision making kicks off.  When we make decisions based on just leaving a bad job vs. having a plan for a new one we can get into trouble.

Now I am not saying that just quitting your job is always a problem, I know people (including myself) who have quit a job without another job just because we were D-O-N-E—DONE with our current jobs.  But I also know that even if we didn’t have another job we had a plan, a loose plan, but a plan.  Maybe there was money saved up, school that was going to start soon or a temporary job that was opening.  The point is there was a plan.

So often clients come into my office desperate to leave their jobs wanting a way out. Their temptation is to just quit their job and take the first available opening. Part of my job is to ease that desperation and help the client get clear on what do you want next?  What areas of your life do you actually enjoy?  How can we add more of that enjoyment into your life while looking at other options?  What are some “out of the box” plan B’s that can occur? So often it isn’t that clients don’t have a plan it is that they haven’t given voice to the plan.

But bottom line it isn’t just about your job.  Your job is one part of your life, that yes can make the rest of your life miserable, but really ask yourself: Are there changes I could be making to my life that would make me happier while I develop a plan to find a new job and live happier?  Finding a job that makes your heart sing is one part of a happy life. We also need to be engaging in activities that make our heart sing whether that be hanging with family, laughing with friends or playing golf on a Saturday morning.  Sometimes when we are completely miserable in our jobs we forget there are other activities that make us happy.

So rather then bailing on a job we hate and potentially ending up in more pain and misery we can develop a plan of attack.  We can start to develop a two fold plan, one which puts as many soul feeding activities in our lives as possible while figuring out how to remove ourselves from a job that makes us miserable.

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