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When We Get Off Track and Out of Whack

sickThis week I was hit with a miserable, cold. One of those “it took all the energy I had to move from the bed to the couch” colds. It was miserable and I am happy to back on the road to health.

I confess over the past few months MIGHT have been taking a little advantage of my health.

  • I haven’t been eating enough greens,
  • working out is the first things to fall to the wayside
  • stress has become more of a theme than I would like it to be.

And so my defenses were down and I got sick.

So smoothies have become a part of our lives again and daily walks with the dog will be following later this week. I am going to get back into journaling and reading. And now that the weather is warming up taking some porch time to just chill.

I needed a little priorities reminder and my body certainly gave it to me 😉

I am constantly amazed that our body sends us those messages,

  • “slow down you are moving too fast”,
  • “wait we have lost site of the priorities here”
  • “is this REALLY where you want to be spending your energy”

The key to living happier is paying attention to those messages and re-grouping and resetting when we are out of alignment with ourselves and our priorities.  I have been hearing those messages for awhile now but I am also building a business, handling family responsibilities and keeping a lot of balls in the air. So unfortunately, I might not have heard those messages as quickly as in the past.

The beauty is the messages, just keep getting louder and more prominent. This week the message was delivered, I have been moving too fast, I have taken on too much responsibility, I need to chill. And so I have the chance to re-group and check in with myself again. I realized that in my “go go go” mentality was doing WAY more harm than good and I had to let some things go. I had let my commitment to myself go and I am ready to make the necessary adjustments.

And THAT is the beauty of living happier. Continually closing that gap between when we notice something is off to when we react to it. Noticing we are running our lives based on someone else’s priorities and making the necessary adjustments. Noticing that we are so busy chasing the carrot we lost site of why we wanted the carrot to begin with.

This week I encourage you to check in with yourself. Take a few minutes to stop and listen to your own wise voice. Are you in alignment with your values? Are you living a life based on your priorities? If I were to observe your life would I know what is most important to you based on how you choose to spend your time?

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