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What if Just in this Moment….

What if just in this moment you:

  • Took a Breathe
  • Stopped ridiculing yourself
  • Stopped telling yourself you are stupid, dumb lazy, unproductive, or crazy.
  • Reminded yourself that maybe just maybe you are valuable, lovable, worthy.  PERIOD 
  • Realized you are right where you are suppose to be.

What if just in this moment you:

  • Listened.
  • Were able to observe your thoughts and feelings with love and kindness rather than getting stuck in them.
  • Trusted that whatever is happening is suppose to be happening. 
  • Remembered that letting go can lead to more answers then holding on for dear life.
  • Knew you didn’t have to CONTROL A THING.
How does that feel?  Read those again out loud to yourself.  Just for a moment LET GO.  Now imagine how that would feel to live your life from this place—pretty amazing, huh?  What if you tried to do those things for 30 minutes or 1 hour?  Making sure to notice how many times you have to lovingly remind yourself to not take back the reigns.  What if you could do that for an afternoon or even a full day!?!  Amazing right??
So what if you practiced it. Start with 10 minutes and expand to 30 and then to 60 and then to 3 hours and then to half a day.  Once you start engaging regularly in putting down the hammer and picking up the love it will get easier.  The habit will change and soon your go to will be love and support rather then sarcasm and ridicule.  But it takes PRACTICE (which means forgetting, messing it up, doing it wrong and starting all over).  It takes COMMITMENT (it is hard to change a habit, especially one we have had since we were small children).  For many people, this is a whole new wonderful way of looking at the world so it will be challenging to unhook but oh, so amazing when you do. 
Today make a commitment to yourself.  Commit to breathing, noticing and loving.  Commit to being kind to yourself and letting go for a few minutes.  Commit to diligently expanding that time and noticing how your life changes.

Photo Credit:  Katerha via flickr

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