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What If I am wrong?

I have noticed the theme lately in my clients that they are paralyzed by self-doubt and fears. The questions they ask are different–is this the right job for me? –should I stay in this relationship? —should I take the job out of state? All their questions come down to the fear of what if I am wrong? What if I make the wrong choice and I look like an idiot or what if I end up in pain because I made the wrong choice?

Anytime we are asking ‘what if’ we tend to get into trouble because the source of what if is the longing for control. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as control in this world. We are at the whim of our decisions or the whim of the gods–whatever you believe. But regardless we have no control. How frustrating is that?!?! No control?!! Unfortunately, there is no way to look into the future and have a guarantee that our decision is a good one and that we won’t be wrong. We can ask ourselves ‘what if’ until the end of time, and we still won’t know. We simply have to use all our best resources, get all the facts, follow our guts and make the leap.

Some of the best decisions I have made have been perceived as ‘wrong.’ Because they didn’t work out the way, I thought they would or because I did end up experiencing heartache. However, they were good decisions because they have allowed me to learn more about myself. To see the world in a new way and get to the juicy marrow of the life. So my argument to what if I am wrong? Is so what? If you aren’t making decisions you aren’t living your life–you are paralyzed by indecision–paralyzed by fear–sometimes you just have to make the leap.

Do you have something you are debating in your life? Something you want to do but are afraid to make a commitment? Make the leap and recognize there is no wrong–there is just life.

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