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What does Love look like to You?

Today on this Day of Love–I thought I would ask the question what does love look like to you?  The video above is SoulPancake’s take on the concept.  If you are viewing this via email you can watch the video here.

Regardless of your feelings about Valentine’s Day–this will make you smile.

To me Love is:

  • Listening to someone as they ramble, cry, and vent all over the place.
  • Doing the chores no one wants to do. (taking out the trash, cleaning the dog poop from the back yard)
  • The little things, making someone lunch, holding their hand while watching TV, making them smile.
  • Watching someone laugh.
  • Supporting someone as the challenge themselves to do bigger things.
  • Letting someone grow.
  • Knowing you are right where you need to be.
  • Just being present to someone.  Fully engaged.

Here’s to Love.

What about you?  What does love look like to you? Post a comment below or join the discussion on Facebook.


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