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Wanting to Do Something BIG with your life?

Small Things with Great Love

Last week I was in the car and I saw this bumper sticker.  Do small things with great love.  It is a Mother Theresa quote that I have heard before–but it really struck me when I read it has been on my mind ever since.  

From an early age many of us were encouraged if not pressured to do big things with our lives. Yet we were never taught how to figure out what those big things are and/or how to accomplish them.  Frequently when I ask clients, “how would you know when you have accomplished something big”. They stare at me blankly.  Because they haven’t really thought about it. It doesn’t matter what IT is it just has to be BIG and life changing.

The belief around doing big things in our lives, goes something like this:

My life is unimportant because I haven’t done anything BIG
So when I do something BIG or when I accomplish _____ I will finally BE someone.

Today I want to push back on that belief and say what if you do BIG things every day.

Making your kids lunches
Feeding your pets
Making dinner for your family
Helping your son with his math homework
Bringing a sick friend dinner
Picking flowers for your neighbor
Saying “nice work” to the waitress
Bringing in donuts to the staff meeting.

I would venture to guess there are 100s of little ways that you do BIG things for people every day,

What if every day you approached the day with great love?  What if you approached the little every day mundane things with great love?   We can change the world every day in doing small things with great love.

I would love to hear from you in the comments: How do you bring great love to the world? What small things do you do each day that change people’s lives?

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