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Trust Yourself Already Q&A: Getting Out of Your Own Way

Today is the last in the series of TYA teaser videos.  This video talks about the last module in the Trust Yourself, Already Beta class which is about Getting out of Your Own Way.

Trust Yourself, Already Beta! Starts next week and I hope you will join us.  It is going to be a dynamic group of women who are all wanting to figure out what comes next in their lives!  Women who want to stop listening to what everyone else is saying and start listening to themselves!!

I would love to have you join us–starting next week!  This is the lowest price this program will be—so join us now to finally figure out how to reduce your anxiety and start living YOUR life.

Have Questions?

Awesome because I have answers. Today we are looking at the last modules that we will be coming–with the theme of:  Getting out of your own way.  If you are reading this via email click here to watch the video.  Missed the other videos?  Check them out here.

If this sounds like the course for you, contact me now to sign up, or go here for more information.

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