Turning 40

Turning 40

Today I am turning 40.  I am waxing a little philosophical to day, bear with me.  When I turned 35 I threw myself a big party 100 of my closest friends, we danced, we ate, we drank, we celebrated.  I was showing the world that I was ok, I was fun and I wanted to celebrate with everyone I knew.
40 feels much different. 40 feels intimate and quiet.  I decided a few weeks ago I would have a number of small celebrations with my closest friends to ring in 40. It has been fabulous to share with those closest to me the start of a new decade.  Birthdays bring such mixed emotions, such pressure to be and feel a certain way.

If you google turning 40 the results are quite depressing.  Lots of people have lots of thoughts on 40, many of them not good.  My friends who are in their 40s share how wonderful they feel turning 40 how free and inspiring their 40s have been.  I am excited to see what 40 brings for me.  So far, 40 has brought a sense of contemplation, and a sense of gratitude.
Today as I turn another year older I want to simply say Thank you.

Thank you to you my readers who allow me to share my beliefs on Living Happier who engage in conversations with me via comments, emails and social media.  Who try each day to live happier lives and make the world a better place.

To my friends who have become my family. Who over the years reflect to me who I am, support me when I need it and challenge me to be the best me possible.

To my family who have blessed me with love and a guidance from day one. They are my biggest fans and always, always have my back–there is something so wonderfully amazing about that.

To my nearest and dearest, 5 year ago I didn’t think I would ever find a nearest and dearest and I was OK with that. (maybe not REALLY ok with that but getting there) And now I have a true partner who has taught me the power of unconditional love and support. Who allows me to be vulnerable and strong all at the same time.

To life in general, you are a spicy, crazy ride.  Thank you for being such a great adventure.  Thank you for teaching me each and every day to have gratitude and live happier.

How do you celebrate birthdays?  What are your thoughts on the decadinal (yep, I made up that word, and I love it) birthdays?  Are they different? Is there a birthday that was a struggle for you?
In honor of my Birthday I am offering my So, What Comes Next Course at a discount.  You can buy it now through February 14 for only $40 (regularly priced at $97).  Celebrate my birthday and figure out what comes next in your life!!!
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