Truth or Dare?

Truth or Dare?

Do you remember the game truth or dare? I use to love playing it as a child. I can vividly remember sitting around the circle at a slumber party and feeling the anticipation as we went around the room. Who would pick truth and who would pick dare?
What was braver sharing the truth or performing the dare?  Each of us had definite opinions which was easier.
As adults, we don’t tend to play the game truth or dare very often.  The act of sitting in a circle with our friends sharing our deepest truths or daring each other to do something crazy seems crazy and ludicrous!!

What if we started to share our truths more?

What if we admitted to ourselves what was really going on with our job, our relationships or our lives?

What if we truly shared our joys and our stress?

And more so what if we dared ourselves to do more?

What if we dared ourselves to go bigger, dig deeper, live richer?

What keeps you from sharing your truth?

Frequently in my office clients feel a sense of relief just admitting to me that they hate their jobs.  I can see the internal sigh as they admit ‘I am unfulfilled in my relationship and I am having an affair’.  Or the immediate softening from saying “My life LOOKS amazing but I feel awful” The healing comes in admitting, ‘you know this isn’t going so well’.
For many of us sharing the truth is the dare.  Admitting the truth feels like the scariest option. It is scary.   Saying out loud (even just to ourselves) the cold hard truth can be totally terrifying!!!  It is only when we can admit the truth that we can start to heal.

The healing comes from saying what we do or don’t like about our lives.

Saying out loud our dreams and desires.

Admitting to ourselves where we are overwhelmed, stuck or down right terrified.

It is then we can start to dare.  Start to dream.  Start to do it differently and make different choices.
I don’t think it is truth or dare?  I think it is first truth and then dare.
What about you? Do you remember playing truth or dare?  What was your preference?  Who can you be truthful within your life?

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