You don't have to live stressed out and exhausted.

Trust Yourself Already: The Retreat

Lake Erie


Trusting yourself is a key to Living Happier – so what better way to trust yourself than take a relaxing weekend getaway to Lake Erie?

Imagine having whole weekend about YOU. A chance to laugh with others. Share in stories and feel like you are not alone.


We will be discussing topics such as

  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Speaking up for Yourself
  • Living a life that is True to Who you are
  • Having those TOUGH conversations that you just know won’t go well – and how to make them better

This is for you if…
you want a small group atmosphere to share your stories and grow and learn.
the idea of trusting yourself and living happier is appealing.
you are willing to look at yourself and be open to new ideas/concepts
you are willing to laugh at yourself and have a good time.

This is not for you if…
you don’t want to learn and grow.
you don’t want to share in a group setting.
you are suffering from a significant anxiety disorder, such as chronic panic attacks or disabling anxiety.
you are looking for a therapy group. While we will be discussing some heavy topics, we aren’t engaging in group therapy here.

What is the schedule?

Arrival; check in is at 7pm. We will have a brief “get-to-know-each-other” reception.

Group meeting starts at 9:30am and will go until 12:30 and then a break for lunch. We will reconvene from 1:30-4pm
(Possible) Optional Wine Tasting at 5:30 pm and dinner – either on your own or with group. (depending on location)

Brunch together 9:30am-12:30pm and continued discussion

Retreat ends at 1pm on Sunday

Where is it going to be held?

Coming Fall, 2014 Sign up here to be the first to know as details evolve!!

Where is it going to be held?

We are still working out all the details. The location will be no more than a couple hour drive from Columbus, Ohio. Sign up here to be the first to know as details evolve!!



What is included:

3 womenSpace: A chance to reconnect with yourself. We will have breaks where you can re-group, take a walk, sleep, read or chat with other participants.

Interaction: Obviously this is a group retreat.  While there will be time to reconnect and be alone, the goal is to learn from each other.

Self-Knowledge: There will be LOTS of exercises it will be an interactive experience and I will be there to guide you the whole way. You will leave with a sense of reconnection with yourself and a deeper understanding of what makes you tick.

Food: I LOVE good food. So there will be lot of delicious snacks and beverages provided throughout the day as well as Sunday brunch

What is not included:

Lodging: You will be responsible for your own lodging cost TBD depending on location
Dinner: Friday and Saturday
Lunch: Saturday

Questions you might be asking yourself?

What if I have already taken the TYA group course or I am currently enrolled. Is this a repeat?
If you have already taken the group curriculum this will be an enhancement of that. So while some of the content may seem similar, we will be taking it to the next level of depth. And if you haven’t taken the TYA course, the retreat will serve as a great intro to the course work.

But we’re saving up for braces/a vacation/a new car. I’m not sure I can justify spending money on something that’s just for me.

Trust Yourself, Already: The Retreat is an investment in yourself and in a future  – where you’re happier, more focused, and better equipped to be present in your relationships with your family. I can’t tell you what’s in your budget, but I can promise you that your family will benefit from you taking a time out and engaging in a soul-nourishing weekend. It may not make your kids have straighter teeth or offer optional third-row seating for hauling their friends to soccer practice, but the benefits of this retreat will touch more lives than just your own.

If I admit that I’m not happy, does that mean I don’t love my family? And if I change over the course of the program, what if they don’t love the new me?

Of course you love your family, and they love – and will continue to love – you! Your happiness may have nothing to do with your spouse or your kids. But there is more to you than being a wife and a mother, and allowing yourself to be a fully-realized, three-dimensional person with your own goals, dreams, and desires is vital to your well-being and to your ability to support and nourish the ones you love. In order to be there for them, you need to be there for yourself, too!

Other Questions?  I’d be happy to answer them!

We are still working out details for this event–sign up here to be the first to know as details evolve!!