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Tips to Ease Schedule Fatigue


A common compliant of clients is feeling frustrated and exhausted with their lives.  They come in to see me because they are tired of being tired. Tired of feeling like they are going to rip someone’s head off.  Tired of running from thing to thing in their lives.

So how do you stop running? How do you stop getting frustrated?

Here are my tips.

Energy Inventory.  Get crystal clear on what gives you energy and what takes away your energy. Do an inventory of your life and write down everything that gives you energy and everything that exhausts you and as a rule try to do more things that give you energy. OR if you have to do things that take energy away make sure you find ways to add it back in.  Click here for a free Energy Inventory worksheet.

I Need to Get Back to You. Form a new habit of saying “I need to get back to you”. Whenever anyone asks you to do something instead of immediately answering with a yes, say “i need to get back to you”.  This gives you a chance to check your calendar and REALLY decide if you want to do something or not.

What is your Motivation. You don’t have to be everything to everyone.  Next time you find yourself doing something you don’t want to do or feeling frustrated by your to-do list ask yourself WHY am I doing this  activity?  What is my motivation?  If it is because of a sense of guilt, shame or to make yourself feel better then that is probably why you are so frustrated.  Doing things and filling up your schedule in order to ‘feel better’ ALWAYS backfires because it ultimately doesn’t work.  Feeling better about yourself only comes from within…not from the more you do.  I know too many women that over commit in order to feel like a ‘good mom’ or a ‘successful career woman’ and spend their days frustrated and tired. So the people that really matter aka their kids, spouses, dear friends get the brunt of their frustration rather than the joy of a positive woman in their lives.  When we get clear on our motivation we can let go of the activities we are doing as filler and get clear on what is most important to us.

Prioritize Yourself.  You are the only you on the planet.  The best way to stay strong and connected with yourself and those around you is to take care of yourself. Move your body, watch what you eat, drink water, get your sleep. It is only when you put yourself as a priority that others will.

In the Comments: I  would love to hear from you.  How do you handle Schedule Fatigue?  Do you notice when you get stressed and exhausted?

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One Response to Tips to Ease Schedule Fatigue

  1. Learning to say no without feeling bad.

    I LOVE “Let me get back to you” because it helps me to contemplate whether or not I want to commit to something without the pressure, but I have to be mindful not to use it as a crutch for “no.” If it’s a no, and I know immediately it’s a no, then I gotta say no.