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Thoughts from the Loft: Why the Live Happier Loft?

If you have been following me you know I have recently opened a new space called the Live Happier Loft.  This new space is one of the reasons it has been so quiet here on the blog. Over the past month, I have received a lot of questions and curiosity about the Loft and wanted to write some blog posts addressing those questions.  So over the next few weeks I will be talking about the Loft and what it means to me and what you can expect from this space.


From the first time I taught a class I knew I loved teaching.  I LOVE the group atmosphere, I LOVE facilitating questions, I LOVE having in-depth discussion about self-help topics.  I LOVE everything about teaching. So for quite a few years I have been tossing around the idea of opening a space where I could do both teaching and one-on-one work.  It was a loose dream and one steeped in Mongers sharing their ‘who do you think you are’, ‘that will never work’ messages.  The dream swooped in and out of my brain but never stayed for very long because to be honest, the Mongers were just too great.

Then last year I started hosting Wine Nights and people started showing up.  The feedback was amazing.  People loved hearing about these topics in a laid back friendly environment and I loved leading the discussion–it was a win win.  The dream started getting louder and showing up more frequently.  Then in February of this year, my location for the Wine Night fell through and at the last minute a friend of mine offered the use of her condo association clubhouse.  It was amazing.  A beautiful, cozy room with puffy couches and soft lighting.  Prior to this event we had been in wine shops or wineries and the intimacy and coziness was not as easy to come by.  As I was cleaning up from the event still electric from the night a small voice said to me, “this is what I want to do…this is what the world needs…real conversations about real topics in a laid back, intimate environment”.  And shockingly that was the only voice I heard, no Mongers, no fear, no shame just a quiet voice saying “DO IT”.

So the next day I started looking for spaces and found what is now the loft and made an appointment to go check it out the following day.  When my nearest and dearest and I walked up the stairs to the loft it was a mess–they were in the middle of completely refinishing it so it was pretty much gutted.  As the property owner said, “You will need to have some vision to see the potential.”  I saw the potential.  I saw the twinkle lights hanging from the walls, the comfortable chairs and the warm inviting energy that would make the Loft a reality. The next day I called the owner and said i would take it!

So here we are 4 months later and the dream is coming to fruition.  I love the space, I am building a dream.  I love cultivating the idea of building a place where people can bring their real, genuine  struggles with Living Happier and feel embraced and understood.  Now this story is not to say there haven’t been Mongers (something I will address in another post) the Mongers have been powerful AND so has my Wise Voice.  I have trusted that voice and built her up from a whisper to a strong powerful force in my life.

June marks the official opening of the Loft and I am kicking it off with 1/2 off pricing on all of my programs (some more than 1/2 off). This is a great chance for you to get to know the Loft and come and see for yourself what it is all about.  So far the buzz is amazing and people are loving the concept and the conversations have been rich and powerful.  The number of ah’ha’s both for me and the Loft attendees is priceless. You can for all the programs here.  Have a question?  Feel free to email me.

I hope to see you at the Loft.


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