Things I Know For Sure

Things I Know For Sure

Today I am borrowing a little inspiration from Oprah and pondering the things I know for sure. Here are a few that I know to the depths of my being.

Good friends are hard to find, and when you find them you need to continually cultivate the relationship. I spent much of my twenties and early thirties weeding out the true friends from the needy, drama craving, self centered friends.  Now in my late thirties I am realizing in the busyness that is our lives it is more important then ever to connect and reach out to good friends.  Without my friends I wouldn’t be here.

Everything is connected. Our thoughts effect our emotions, our emotions effect our thoughts.  Our career effects our personal life and our personal life effects our career.  The connections are endless.  When we start looking at our life as a whole rather than parts it can be overwhelming, yes AND that is when real insight and real change occurs.

Real Change is Challenging. First off you have to WANT it–you have to want to make the change in your life (and quite honestly it is ok if you don’t want it) I spend a lot of time with clients helping them figure out what they can change and want to change and what they just want to leave for a later time. Secondly it is a slow process–all change is incremental (thus why you really have to want it)

There is no RIGHT WAY.  I know this to be true–yet still trying to get myself to implement it on a daily basis–ha!!  We all know this to be true–yet we still look for the comfort in doing it the RIGHT way.  Sometimes there is no right way–there is just the way we know best right now.

Knowing your values makes life so much easier.  When you know what is most important to you, what guides your life, what at the end of the day makes it all worth it–you know how to make better choices, and how to prioritize your life. Sign up for my newsletter to get a handy toolkit on figuring out your values

Living a life that is intentional makes life more vibrant and engaging.  I was discussing yesterday with a friend that sometimes I question myself with this blog because I am not always happy and LOVING my life. And she responded saying that in reading my blog and knowing me she would say I am trying to figure out how to be happier–not selling the idea that happiness is as easy as 1-2-3.  If anything I hope I am showing that living with intention, knowing your values and consistently engaging and evaluating your life is truly the only way to live and work happier. Do bad things happen?  Does life get rough?  Are there still moment of pain and loss?  Yep, but when we are intentional and honest we can deal with that pain and loss head on rather than filling our lives with more drama and fear in order to mask the pain. There is power in living with intention, facing our emotions the joys and the pain.

Finally–as the photo illustrates there is power in sunsets. This was taken on one of my favorite trips when I traveled solo across country a few years ago.  Facing fears, joys and loneliness–it was an amazing healing journey.  I took this photo at a B&B on my last solo night before meeting up with friends I swear the sunset lasted for an hour that night.  To this day I make an effort to watch the sunsets (when I can see them) to pause, savor and celebrate the amazing-ness that is our world.

What about you??  What are some things you know for sure?