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The Questions that Matter.

Last week I found the video above. It is an interview with Maurice Sendak best known for the Children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are”. I can’t seem to get the clip out of my head, I posted it on my facebook page, I shared it in my weekly newsletter and here again I am writing about it.

The question he was asked was “Why Bother to Get Born?” His answer is thoughtful and inspiring, it brings tears every time I watch it.  It is kind of like the “It’s A Wonderful Life” question.

I have been thinking of that question since I watched the clip.

  • What would you have missed if you weren’t born?
  • What would others have missed?
  • Whose life do you affect?
  • Whose life affects you?
  • How do you change the world in your own little way?
  • What gifts do you give from making your kids lunches to making a stranger smile?
  • What do you do so naturally you don’t even notice it?
  • What makes your life so sweet and wonderful?
  • What brings a smile to your face?

If you haven’t already, take some time and watch the video, cry, smile, laugh and reflect on you.

Because the answers to those questions is really all that matters.

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