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The power of breathing

One thing I always encourage my clients to do is breathe. Yes–I know it is something we do naturally. But how often do you really pay attention to your breath? Really take a big belly breath where you fill your lungs to full capacity?!?! I am constantly amazed that the practice of pausing and taking 3 deep belly breaths can dramatically change my demeanor–It can take me from a level 10 stress down to a level 3–it can help me feel more centered and aware.

Frequently the idea to take 3 deep breaths is completely foreign to us. One of the best ways I have found to increase awareness around my breath is to add a breathing ritual into my day. Rituals help me become more aware of when I need to breathe. I encourage my clients to take 3 deep breaths whenever they are at a stop sign, or whenever they sit down at their desk, or before they walk in the door to their house.

By having specific times of the day when you take 3 deep breaths, you become more aware of how your body is feeling–then you will notice more readily when you need to take deep breaths throughout the day.

Try it–I promise it will make a difference in decreasing your anxiety and helping you live happier.

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