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The Power in Leaking


For those of you who haven’t heard–last week on our first day of vacation in San Francisco I had a literal run-in with a Segway. Newsflash: Segways can be dangerous.  So here I am 10 days later in a walking boot and crutches–no breaks just a bone bruise and ankle sprain. To say the least it has been a challenging couple of weeks.

Frustrations can hit at any time whether it is a health issue,  getting the kids ready to head back to school, a conflict with your spouse, a challenging conversation at work. Life certainly throws us curveballs. And that is where the concept of leaking comes in.

Leaking a term coined by my nearest and dearest means a release of emotion through your eyes. So it isn’t that someone has necessarily hurt you or that you are sad it is an overwhelm of emotion coming out through your eyes. You can actually be happy and leaking.  I am a HUGE fan of leaking.  It isn’t the ugly cry or the freak out cry.  It is the ‘I don’t know why I am crying” cry.  It is leaking.

Last weekend I went to my cousin’s baby shower.  In my boot, using my knee scooter.  I was so excited to be there (that was why we initially went to San Francisco) to celebrate her future little one.  However, by the time we got home I was exhausted.  As we walked into the house I just started leaking.  It is such a great release on so many levels. It is releasing the pressure cooker a bit.

Studies show, tears are healthy.  Tears release toxins and encourage endorphins which is an awesome combination.  Leaking gets such a bad wrap but in so many ways it is a normal, healthy reaction to life’s stresses.  This week I have been doing A LOT of leaking. It has been a norm for me to start tearing up and then simply say, “I just need to leak a little bit”. And my nearest and dearest gives me a hug and off we go. He knows it isn’t his fault, he knows he didn’t DO anything to make me sad, he knows that I am overwhelmed and I will be ok.

So tomorrow when your son criticizes you for putting the wrong jelly on his sandwich, and your boss ridicules you for missing a deadline and you feel overwhelmed, remember it is ok to leak.  It is ok to give yourself a release of emotion.  It is ok to take a pause and remember that leaking is healthy.

I would love to hear from you: Are you familiar with leaking?  What are some of your favorite ways of releasing emotions in a healthy way?

2 Responses to The Power in Leaking

  1. Huge fan of the leak right here. I call it “squeezing off a couple.” I do it when work gets overwhelming and a lot of my coworkers will say “Oh no don’t let this job get to you like that!” (I keep the tears fairly private but I am the first to admit it.)

    Well my job gets to me like that sometimes. In fact, the need to pop off a few tears can be an indicator that things are getting too intense, that I need to step back and come back in a few minutes.

    With that said, I recommend L’Oreal for waterproof mascara.

  2. Nancy Jane Smith says:

    Ha!! Highly recommend the waterproof mascara–totally necessary if you are a leaker 🙂 So true that leaking is actually the bodies way of saying take a break! Totally relate to that.